Beyond The Classroom

Beyond The Classroom

The Cambridge Junior School believes that the course of learning is incomplete without our inspiring extracurricular programs. We encourage our children to involve in a wide range of activities beyond their classroom curriculum to nurture & help them unlock their true potential. The main aim behind the program is to build on the values and skills taught and encouraged in the core curriculum. The children imbibe various personal values like leadership, teamwork and empathy for others through multiple activities. This is an integral part of our school philosophy, which aims to complete the circle of learning.

Beyond Academics:

There are various activities to choose from, such as academic, aesthetic, music, art, drama, reading, handicraft clubs, dance forms, language labs, special subject study and others, that will help the children explore the inner as well as outside world.

Language labs:

Language Labs in The Cambridge Junior School is a unique feature to develop and enrich the language skills of the children. These labs use audio-visual aids to practice language learning, which ensures students to develop language articulation within a short span of time.

Dance Classes:

We, at The Cambridge Junior School, recognize the importance of dance as an important extracurricular activity in schools. Dance helps children develop the ability to communicate and express themselves through movement. It can make a huge difference in the overall performance of a child, helping them develop awareness of the ways their bodies move, the space in which they move & the quality of their movements. Through dance, children are able to develop better coordination with each other and learn to work as a team member.

We have a well-trained and experienced dance teacher, who specializes in teaching young children. We provide a dedicated creative session on dance for our children every week, contributing to both artistic education and physical activity by letting them involve in composing, moving and appreciating a range of dance styles! Let the young ones enjoy what they like to do most! Dance!

Fitness Sessions:

The Cambridge Junior School takes special care in providing our children interesting workshops and fitness sessions to inspire them with new ideas for sport, physical education & fitness. We have a dedicated fitness session for kids every week by a highly experienced fitness expert, involving regular stretching exercise and other activities.

Our fitness expert is well experienced & trained in delivering fitness sessions to kids in a fun and interactive way, keeping them enthusiastically involved throughout, also improving their fitness level at the same time. The fitness sessions are planned depending on the age of children, to make sure they thoroughly enjoy what they do!

Field Trips, Outings & Special Visits:

Various enrichment and exciting trips ore organized every month, visits to various places such as Dentist clinic, supermarket, plant-nursery, fire station, etc depending on the ongoing theme of the month. All trips are supervised by members of staff in a suitable ratio.

Every month, famous personalities from different fields visit the school and share their expertise and experiences.