Methodology & Curriculum


Excitement & Wonder is what defines TCJS among children & parents. Our highly qualified & passionate staff inspires the children to develop inquisitiveness and curiosity about the world around them. We help them learn new things that will enable them to better understand the wider world. The early years are crucial to the foundation of thinking & social skills, along with literacy & numeracy. At TCJS we emphasize on developing these key areas to ensure that our children grow fully capable to meet various challenges.

A big portion of our curriculum is based on the universally accepted Multiple Intelligence (MI) concept. Our MI based teaching allows children to use their strengths in the areas of linguistics, music, art, logical mathematics, body kinesthetics and interpersonal intelligence to demonstrate curriculum mastery. It helps them to engage in higher level thinking & prepares them to be productive citizens & lifelong learners.

The learning experience offered to our children is enhanced by providing superior facilities, designed to meet their every requirement. By providing them with such a supportive & encouraging environment, we let the children develop a sense of belonging & purpose that will drive them in the right direction.

Our dynamic curriculum is designed to:

  1. Embrace Diversity
  2. Facilitate Key Foundation Skills
  3. Development of Personal Spirit
  4. Foster Responsibility
  5. Empower Children for a Bright Future

We strive to create mutual respect and encourage daily communication between parents, teachers, and administrators. The management offers absolute transparency on the functioning of the school.

The Cambridge Junior School is an organization that values people, the children in our care, their parents and our employees. We continuously work to earn the trust placed in us and strive each day to be the best providers of early childhood education in the community we serve. The school has taken the onus to enlighten parents about positive parenting through a series of interactions.